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At Loughbeg we try to grow all our own food in the vegetable garden and greenhouse. We keep calves, pigs, horses, ponies, hens, geese, ducks & goats.


There are lovely walkways around Loughbeg farm where you can see The Fastnet Rock, Mount Gabriel, Cape Clear Island, Dunmanus Bay, Rathtooragh hill, Sheep’s Head Peninsula, and views over Goleen Parish.


Fun and Educational for children, Interesting for everyone else! especially anybody interested in growing their own.


Just €10 per car, or €5 per adult (Please accompany children).


Small farm shop


The vegetable garden consists of around 80 raised beds growing potatoes, french beans, peas, onions, kale, swedes, leeks, chard, cabbage, broccoli, squash, pumpkins, carrots, herbs,  and tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.


We hope you enjoy your visits to Loughbeg Farm!


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Loughbeg Farm

Vegetable Garden & Hill Walks

Lowertown, Schull, Co. Cork.

Open July & August


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